FIAR - The Rag Coat & When I Was Young In The Mountains

This week we "rowed" two FIAR books: The Rag Coat (from Volume 1) and When I Was Young In The Mountains (from Volume 2). We have enjoyed many books from Five In A Row but this week was one of our favorites!! The books were both so heart felt.. I love books that give you that sweet, at home, hugged feeling and these two books do just that. 

The Rag Coat written by Lauren Mills is about a young Appalachian girl named Minna who wants very badly to attend school but she does not have a coat. Her father has just died and her family cannot afford one. A group of her mothers friends gather at her house to make quilts and they decide to help Minna by making her a coat. She is so excited to wear her new coat to the one room school but when she does the other children make fun of her for wearing "rags"..... this is such a sweet story of love, loss and the friendship and forgiveness of this little girl. 

Aidan and Noah enjoyed watching this video of Dolly Parton singing, Coat Of Many Colors. The lyrics were very similar to The Rag Coat book. 

When I Was Young In The Mountains written by Cynthia Rylant was personally my favorite book so far. I spent a ton of my childhood up my Momaw Margaret's hiking/playing on her mountains and cooking with her in the kitchen. This book brought back some great memories for me!! This book takes you back to a time of simple pleasures of county living, splashing in the swimming hole and sharing family time on the front porch.....

"When I was young in the mountains, Grandfather came home in the evening covered with the black dust of the coal mine." - excerpt from the book

We watched this video "The Coal Miner Song" to go along with our books. 

I love that both of these books were written about the Appalachia Mountains! We live in Virginia in the Appalachia Mountains, it was nice to learn about a way of life that is close to us. One of the books was written about West Virginia so we took the time to review what we had learned earlier in the year about WV. 

Bible - We reviewed the story of Joseph and the coat of many colors, talking about how Joseph had a forgiving heart and forgave his brothers for what they had done to him. We also talked about how we should have a forgiving heart. How to accept an apology without receiving one. 

Ephesians 4:32 - And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you. (Our weekly memory verse) 

Reviewing the virtue of contentment, we talked about how we should be content and happy with what the Lord has blessed us with.

We didn't have a rag coat but above are a few of our favorite blankets that were made for us. The first one was made for me by my great aunt Minnie. She gave it to me when I was 18 years old and moved into my own place. Next, is a blanket my great grandmother made and my grandmother Margaret has added a few pieces along the way. It was passed down to me as a teenager and I have always slept with it every night since. Noah and his Scooby-Doo blanket - I made this for his 5th Birthday. Aidan and his car blanket - I made this for his 6th Birthday. 

To go along with The Rag Coat we did a lapbook teaching us more about Appalachia and coal mining. I printed this from homeschoolshare.com. If you notice on the cover page the boys added a few details of their favorite blankets and stuffed animals onto the coat. We also made a Hootenanny Pancake (pictured below), here is the recipe if you want to try it for yourself! We dipped ours in maple syrup. 

Coal Mining - A friend of ours told us about a free coal kit online, it arrived just in time for us to learn about (and actually see/feel) coal. The boys also enjoyed making a cave in the living room and digging for coal! We had corn bread and cocoa for a snack that day.  

A map showing where coal is located in the United States. 

To go along with When I Was Young In The Mountains the boys wrote a little story of When I Was "Young" In Virginia with repetition technique. (I wrote Noah's down for him as he told me what to write.) We also compared the way of living then to the way we live now after writing our stories. 

When I was "young" in Virginia...
I played video games. I loved making new places on Indiana Jones.
When I was young in Virginia...
I played outside with my brother Noah. We swung on our swing set and rode our bikes. 
When I was young in Virginia...
I hiked on mountains and saw deer, turkey and squirrels playing.
When I was young in Virginia...
My family and I would go riding at night to see animals. We would laugh and talk. 
When I was young in Virginia...
I was homeschooled and it was lots of fun!
By: Aidan

When I was "young" in Virginia...
I was scared of bugs. I really didn't like grand daddy long legs.
When I was young in Virginia...
I was homeschooled and I loved it. Mommy was my teacher.
When I was young in Virginia...
I loved to eat apples and bananas. I didn't like to eat bologna or drink pink lemonade. 
When I was young in Virginia...
Coloring, drawing and writing were my favorite things to do. 
When I was young in Virginia...
Animals were fun to learn about. My favorite animals were elephants, dogs and cats.
When I was young in Virginia...
I always went to bed holding Clifford in my arms. 
By: Noah 

The boys also drew pictures of mountains after we watched National Geographic Appalachian Trail on netflix! They played with the geo-board on the ipad making several geometric shapes, went hiking on Momaw Margaret's mountain and visited with her!

To finish off our week the boys worked on weights, measurement and making list/counting for Math. They also learned to set a table correctly. Now every night we sit down for dinner they set the table for us!

This was our first week only doing Five In A Row (without including our other studies), we had a great time and learned a lot! Next week we will rowing Who Owns The Sun? and Follow The Drinking Gourd. This will be our last week of FIAR until August. Time for a nice spring/summer school vacation! 
God Bless!!  

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