Amazon Rainforest Unit Study (1)

 This week we began our Science Unit Study on the Amazon Rain forest. I am very excited to start this unit study. I didn't have a purchased curriculum for this unit so I created one myself from various printables and resources I found online. I'll try and list where everything came from to give credit to those who created them. And I will be adding our outline of the unit study as we complete it.  

Our Unit study came about from the desire of my boys to learn more about the Amazon Rain forest. I guess I could blame (or think) the creators of the movie Rio 2. After watching it Aidan & Noah were full of questions about the Amazon and about Brazil (we will be learning more about Brazil in our geography studies). 

Day 1: What Is The Rain Forest? 

To begin our Unit Study I read chapter one from Magic Tree House Fact Tracker: Rain Forest. This book follows the outline of our entire Rain Forest study. It's a great resource! 

On Day 1 the boys learned what you can find in a rain forest, where they are located in the world, the water cycle of a rain forest, what an equator is, the tropic of cancer, tropic of Capricorn and more! 

~ Science Notebooks: The boys have been adding their Science lessons into their own science notebooks this year. This helps to keep everything together and we can look back to see what they have learned. Below are two printables they completed and added to their notebooks. ((Tropical Rainforest Of The World Map Printable))

~ Finding the Amazon Rainforest on our maps in South America and reading about "Rainforests" in our Earth IQ bookBrazil has 60%, Peru has 13%, and Columbia has 10% while other countries have very small parts of the rainforest within their borders.

~ Youtube: The boys watched - Magic School Bus Explores The Rainforest

and A Night In The Rainforest (click on the link to find the video). 

~ We also searched online and looked at MANY different photos of the Amazon Rainforest. Discussing what we saw. 

~ We finished day 1 by reading the book Rain Forest, Rain Forest written by: Brenda Guiberson

~ Field Trip: A few weeks ago we went on a field trip to the North Carolina Zoo the theme of the zoo this summer was Rio 2 which went along perfect with our unit study. While at the zoo we saw plants, birds and animals that were indigenous to the Amazon Rain forest. 

Come back and join us as we continue learning about the Amazon Rain forest! We have many activities and another fun field trip planned!  

Psalm 115:16
The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord's: but the earth hath he given to the children of men.

Adventure Bible - God's Great Creation: Book Review

We received I Can Read! Adventure Bible - God's Great Creation Book for review. This book is based on the Adventure Bible and it helps to tell the events that took place during the creation. (Book of Genesis) There are more books in this series such as: Moses Leads the People.  My youngest son Noah (age 7) enjoyed reading it. The book is geared for ages 4-8 years old. It was a little "too easy" for Noah's reading level.. however, he still loved it. 

 “Man and woman had been created in God’s image …
that meant people were extra special to God.”

The illustrations in the book were wonderful. They were created by David Miles and he did an excellent job. My son enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful pictures while reading the book. As a homeschool mother I enjoy finding books written based on the Bible. Especially, books that my sons can read on their own. Bible reading books can never replace the real thing.. but it helps a child to be able to read on their own and relate to what they are learning. We would recommend the book to any family with young elementary aged children. It's a sweet book and Noah looks forward to reading more of them. 

Genesis 1:31
And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from BookSneeze in exchange for my honest review. All of the opinions expressed are solely my own.