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It's that time of year again! Back to our full time fall schedule!

Aidan - 8 years old, 3rd/4th Grade
Noah - 7 years old, 2nd Grade
Aleah - starting her 1st year of college

God, please bless my children.. and bless our homeschool... 


Summer Homeschool

This has been our first year of homeschooling through the summer... Before our summer homeschool started I made a "semi-schedule" of what I wanted the children to learn. For example.. working on their reading skills, exploring bees, ants and other flying insects and of course enjoying our summer with many play dates & family time!! 
As of today, Aidan and Noah have officially finished their summer schedule and we will be on break until full time homeschool starts back on August 4th!! 

Below is a glimpse of our summer homeschool in pictures! The boys enjoyed swimming, Bible School, vacation with Mommy & Daddy, hiking, fishing, exploring, learning and much more!!!