New Liberty Videos - TOS Review

My family and I were given the DVD Warriors Of Honor from New Liberty Videos for review. New Liberty Videos offers christian DVDs changing lives now and for eternity. The DVD we reviewed, Warriors Of Honor is a documentary that guides the viewer through the causes and the major battles of the Civil War. This documentary shows you the lives of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. The DVD is geared toward a general audience and the run time is approximately 80 minutes with three bonus segments.   


About Liberty Videos:

Brian Barkley has been in the motion picture industry for over 40 years. He worked on several television series before becoming a Christian. After he gave his life to the Lord, he became involved in producing Christian movies and still does today. 

My Review: 

I chose to receive Warriors Of Honor because my husband is such a Civil War buff. He loves learning about the Civil War and teaching our children about it as well. Another thing that really drew me to this DVD was Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. They were both confederates in the Civil War and since we are from Virginia my husband loves learning about them! 

I watched this documentary with my husband before allowing our children to view it. We like to view movies to make sure they are appropriate content for our children. However, after watching the DVD I feel it would be alright for them to enjoy it. I chose not to show them the DVD right now and save it for a later date. We will be learning about the Civil War in history this coming year and I will let them view it then.  

The video was well made. I loved the photographs and quotes that were added to the movie. And personally my husband and I both enjoy watching documentaries that tell about a persons faith and this done just that. It showed how Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson's faith in the Lord played in their behavior in the war. How they treated the men around them and the decisions that made on and off the field. They were true Christian heroes of that time! Also, there were many things I learning from this documentary that I didn't know about both men. 

Overall, both my husband I enjoyed watching this DVD.. and I'm sure in the near future our sons will enjoy it as well. It was so nice to sit down and watch a documentary that brought God into light for the viewers. Also, when pictures were shown of the battle field it wasn't a "blood bath" in the pictures.... it showed how lives were changed and you knew the tragedy that was endured but it was portrayed on the DVD in a good "clean" way.

We look forward to viewing more DVDs from New Liberty Videos!

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Clued in Kids - TOS Review

My family and I were given the opportunity to review a product by Clued In Kids. We received Baseball Treasure Hunt and Multiplication Dragons. All of the treasure hunts we received were PDF Printables. However, Clued In Kids do offer physical products as well. 

What is Clued In Kids
They are treasure and scavenger hunts that teach academics (logic, math, social studies, reading), as well as social skills and teamwork. This is a great way to teach your student/child while also sending them on an adventure around your school/classroom! Their hunts provide an hour or more of fun and learning for 1-10 children. And they have products for children 4-104.. something for everyone!  

How It Works: Each hunt contains a series of clues with activities and puzzles and when answered they reveal the location of the next clue. All you as the teacher/parent will do is print the clues, hide them around your home and give your child clue #1 and let them begin! You can see more about how it works HERE... or you can also click HERE to see a video of children enjoying a treasure hunt! 


Baseball Treasure Hunt: $5.99 

This is a Baseball themed treasure hunt! Which was perfect for my two silly boys! During this hunt your child answers a baseball quiz, math, mazes and many more clues!  

Multiplication Dragons: $30.00 on sale now for $19.99

This treasure hunt is actually a series of five treasure hunts that teaches children ages 7-9 years old the 2x-6x tables. The hunt contains puzzles, riddles, and activities that all focus around learning multiplication! This is a great way to teach your children while they are still having fun!  

How we used the products and what we thought: 

I used all of the treasure hunts with my sons, Aidan (age 8) and Noah (age 7). When I explained to my boys what we were going to do.. a treasure hunt.. they were thrilled. I am happy to say that excitement continued through all of the hunts! 

The first treasure hunt we did was the Multiplication Dragons 5x hunt. I chose to start with the 5x because my youngest son Noah has been working on the 5 times table so I thought this would be simple, yet exciting for them both. Just as the Clued In Kids directions read it took around 8 minutes to get everything ready to go. Clue #1 began with a pattern problem. It read - Dragons love treasure! What's the next gem in the series? Below the question was a picture of a pattern of gems and the boys had to figure out what came next. They figured it out pretty quickly and ran to our desk to find clue #2! The next clue was to solve a multiplication question: Five dragons must share a chest of gems between them. There are 15 gems in the chest, how many gems does each dragon receive? The answer was 3 leading the boys to the dryer for Clue #3. 

They had such a wonderful time running around the house, answering their clues and finding more. Not only were they having fun.. they were learning!! After they finished their last clue #12 they ran to the mailbox to find some m&m's. Their prize for completing the treasure hunt! In the next few days we worked on 6x treasure hunt and then went back to the beginning to start with 2x! Another great thing about these clues is that at the bottom of each one is listed where to hide them at... easy setup by an adult. 

My boys also enjoyed the Baseball Treasure Hunt. Just like the Multiplication Hunts this one was easy to set up and required no help from me as they were enjoying it. They did have a little help from their Daddy from time to time when they needed to figure out a baseball question.. but nothing too major. Clue #1 began the treasure hunt by answering baseball questions to reveal the location of the next clue. After working together to answer all of the questions the boys ran to their favorite cereal to find Clue #2. There were 12 clues in this treasure hunt as well and it concluded with finding a new book hide with their toothpaste in the bathroom! 

I am so happy that we were able to review these Clued In Kids products. My boys had an amazing time hunting and learning. They have asked me for even more treasure hunts now that we have went through them all. I will have to see about purchasing some in the near future. I loved seeing the boys laughing, working together and most of all learning as they completed each clue! Thank you Clued In Kids for your amazing treasure hunts!

I also would like to add each treasure hunt comes with an answer card if needed!    

Try your FREE Treasure Hunt NOW!!    

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